Clueless 2012

“We are young, we run green,
Keep our teeth, nice and clean,
See our friends, see the sights, feel alright” – Supergrass

Clueless was released in 1995 and people were really into the fashion and music from what I can remember, myself included. I was a creative young girl with a vivid imagination thanks to being an only child. I was so fascinated with those stupid feather pens that I made my own using the duck feathers in my pillows. Even when the show came about, I was still finding ways to create whatever I saw using items in my house. There was one episode where Cher turned muffs into a business opportunity and of course I loved them so I made my own! I think I only wore it in person once but it was cute. I even added a pocket to the front for change & lip balm (I wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick) like she did. Did you own a mini backpack purse? I had to beg my mother to get me one but to this day I dislike carrying any type of purse, isn’t that something.

Backpacks are back and no I don’t need one but they sure know how to grab my attention! I love prints!! This one is from Urban Outfitters.

I was watching the movie the other day and realized that a couple trends have managed to reappear and others have suitable replacements. Oh but what about her computerized closet? Shouldn’t we have that by now? Polyvore only works if you create the outfit & then buy each item. Thanks but no thanks.

How many people have you seen in need of a fashion alert?

Going through my closet I tried to find items I could use to recreate a look from the movie and I actually couldn’t come up with much other than a flannel shirt, cropped shirt and a bodycon dress. I made distressed jeans a while back but they no longer fit so I gave them away and need to make a new pair. I don’t like plaid but I do have an almost preppy wool skirt! Which reminds me, I found this skirt at the thrift store the other day.

Making this skirt Clueless with a twist, I’d probably wear a blazer and some boots on a fall evening. I guess I should’ve bought it to complete the look huh? Thinking of the movie makes me wonder how some things would be different today and here’s what I came up with.

1. Cher would upload her outfit onto Instagram everyday.

2. Phone cases would replace the feather pens. The picture below is of a DIY: Phone Case my friend’s sister made. Cute huh?

She was nice enough to allow me to quickly throw her in some clothes for a last minute shoot. Grunge was in back then and some pieces still float around today. Flannel button-down shirt. Nirvana tee. Distressed jeans. Converses. Skull cap.

3. Tights in every design & color replacing knee-high socks.

4. All of Tai’s creative drawings would be on Tumblr. R.I.P Brittany Murphy.

5. While Cher & Dionne were named after great singers, kids today especially celebrity kids are named after everything under the sun. Jay & Bey have Blue Ivy, Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin- Apple, Toni Braxton & Keri Lewis- Diezel, Forest & Kiesha Whitaker- Ocean, Rachel Griffiths & Andrew Taylor- Banjo, need I go on?

6. Those bead bracelets you probably see everywhere would replace chokers. If you’re looking for some you can find them here.

7. Zumba would replace Buns of Steel

8. Although people are still getting body piercings, I think  the battle between Dionne’s nose ring & allergies would be replaced by tattoos.

9. Cher’s jeep would now be a Mini Coop convertible.

10. Tai’s request for an “herbal refreshment” would have been met with a “Naked” juice.


Murray: “Woman, why don’t you be answering any of my pages?”

Dionne: “I hate when you call me woman.”

Murray: “What’s up, where you been at all weekend? You jeepin’ behind my back?”

Dionne: “No, but speaking of vehicular sex, perhaps you can explain to me how this cheap K-Mart hair extension got into the backseat of your car!”

Murray: “I don’t know where that came from, that looks like on your lil’ stringy somethin’ or anothers you got up in your hair.”

Dionne: “I do not wear polyester hair ok, unlike some people that I know, like Shawanna.”

Murray: “… is it that time of the month for you again?”

Dramatic relationship convos like that would now occur on social networks like Twitter & Bookface instead of in real life.

“That’s it! You wanna play games, I’m calling your mother!” lol

Below is my tribute to Dionne. Had to put my own spin on it of course! Shout out to my photographer, it was hot & she didn’t really volunteer for the job lol.

BCBG pumps- Macys, Bracelets- I’ve had them so long I couldn’t even begin to tell you where they came from. The pearl choker- the jewelry box of my friend’s mother.

I imagine Cher would have walked to a bus stop if she had no cell phone or transportation today.

Ralph Lauren skirt- thrifted, Floral top- thrifted scarf

Are there any Clueless trends you see repeating today and are you for or against them? What items from the movie are hiding in your closet?


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