Shop Stop: The Zone

->cues Twilight Zone music<-

Welcome to… The Zone.

If time traveling is on your bucket list then this consignment shop can get you ready for the journey. Located on 813 N. Charles St in Baltimore, you can almost miss this small shop in Mount Vernon if the light is off. While I enjoy playing dress up in there, I wish they’d change the lighting so I could better see how things looked when I’m try them on. I have gone in and left with nothing but I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to take home. There are hats, dresses, coats, glasses, purses, mens clothes, and accessories from almost every time period.

On this particular day I was greeted with a sign…

but not to worry because they leave a rack of sale closes in the hallway for you to go through should you choose to wait.

Here are a few pictures of what is in store…

That last picture? Yea that is one of two racks of dresses that I always look forward to going through if nothing else. There are also dresses on a wall above the accessories and a friendly member of the staff will be more than willing to help you get anything you need.

This genuine leather jacket with fringe is in the Zone every time I go and I really wish someone would buy it already. I’d add it to my closet if it could fit me! The price point for items is fair, I think most coats range between $40-$60.

I kind of liked the dress below but if I don’t love something then it has to stay put.

I tried on a few other dresses and tops but the one you’re about to see stole the show because according to the associate, no one had been small enough to fit it! I called it, “The Ashley Banks” dress because when I saw it, I immediately felt like it was something I would have seen on “The Fresh Prince” show back in the day.

I didn’t purchase the dress or anything else that day. I left empty handed but on my last visit I grabbed this dress…

Now that the shoulder pad have been taken out and a few other minor alterations have been made I’ll have to take an updated picture for you. One other thing I tried on…

I loved it but it was kind of big so I left it womp, womp. I’m happy for whoever buys it but if it’s there on my next visit, it’s mine!

Lastly The Zone has cute little brooches if you’re interested. Brooches can be worn on your accessories or an accent on a blazer, sweater, or other article of clothing. The brooches below are anywhere between $13 and $34 if I remember correctly.

If you find time to go by The Zone this weekend or anytime, feel free to email me at and tell me all about your visit. Don’t forget to include photos of the items you loved or purchased!

Have a great weekend!


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