Darker Than Blue Cafe

“where blues and jazz meet great food”

Looking for a place where you can have a nice small gathering with a few friends? Need a new date spot? Well I don’t normally do restaurant reviews but I suppose it’s my duty now to tell you about places I’ve enjoyed and Darker Than Blue is one of them. This cozy and intimate cafe is located at 3034 Greenmount Ave in Baltimore, MD. The atmosphere almost reminds of the scene in “Love Jones” where everyone is together just hanging out in Savon’s living room enjoying good conversation and laughter, remember that? No? Ok then, moving right along, chef/owner Casey Jenkins and the staff  at Darker than Blue are really friendly although they could use an extra hand serving if you ask me. If not that then that button you push that alerts someone in the back to come to your table. They have this really tasty peach and mango tea that  I am always eager to have refilled. I’d go there just for that tea and their delicious cornbread if I didn’t enjoy the food too. Now I love bread in general but ain’t nothin’ right about that cornbread… it’s so good! Fresh, hot, buttery, moist, and sweet cornbread from their kitchen to your table and possibly gone in two seconds if I happen to be anywhere near you.

It’s reservation only at Darker than Blue so please be sure to call first. The picture above is just after they opened for business one Saturday but the place filled up not long after that and everyone appeared to be having a nice time. I wish the jazz music you’d hear could play as you read this post but that would be doing the absolute most.  Some Saturdays you’ll experience  live jazz musicians playing with that appreciation for music that only they could have.

All I wanted for an appetizer was to try their salmon cakes and they didn’t have any in the kitchen, -5 points. Reservation only would lead some to believe there should be no lack of food, however, I understand changes arise depending upon day to day operations and what people want.  No worries, I’ll be going back to try them and I’ll be sure to let you know what I think.

What did I order?

Blackened tilapia over jasmine rice with sautéed spinach stuff between the two. That sauce you see is a Louisiana cream sauce with chunks of salmon, crab, and shrimp all up and through. It wasn’t too spicy and I loved the extra chunks of seafood, great dish! The plate across from mine (not pictured) was their slow roasted spare ribs which I tasted but was pretty much your basic plate of ribs… nothing to write home about.

They are closed on Mondays but if you’re free this weekend make the trip over there and try them for yourself! Sometimes they offer discounts on weekends so be sure to check their website at www.darkerthanbluecafe.com for one of those and don’t forget to make a reservation first.

Happy Monday!!!


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