What I Wore When…

If you were out last weekend like me then you too were caught in the rain at one point or another. I managed to make it to Artscape in Baltimore on Friday and I walked through the entire festival which was a first for me. For those who are unaware, Artscape is a large free arts festival that attracts many people over a weekend. There are fine artists, fashion designers, craftspeople, visual art exhibits, outdoor scuptures, photography, live concerts, family events, children’s entertainers, a wide varitey of foods and beverages, and performing arts including dance, opera, theater, film, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Normally I try to visit two of the three days and I always catch a live performance. Friday I watched Laura Izibor the young lady known for the song, “From My Heart to Yours” and Brian McKnight. Great set by both artists. Thanks to the rain dance the whether put on, my pants were wet most of the evening and you all should probably hear it from me now, I do NOT like wet pants and I LOATHE wet feet. It’s just gross. I never managed to snap any pictures.

Ahem, moving along, Saturday I was in Mt. Vernon trying to snap photos of a consignment store for you and I got caught in a light rain yet again. Thankfully it let up and I got to sit and enjoy the outdoors for a few minutes.

Umbrella- Target, Hair Accessory: Made by me, Top & Bottom: Forever 21, Accessories: I don’t remember, Studded Flats: Marshalls

I was stopped a couple times in my travels because of my top. It may be from Forever 21 but from what I heard a similar print has been used by a top designer. Who knew?!

Do you remember what you wore last weekend? Share how you DEFINEDchic by emailing your pictures to  definechic@gmail.com.  Feel free to include what you where you were going and what you were up to!


2 thoughts on “What I Wore When…

  1. I love your blog, it suits you so well! I went thriftng a couple of days ago with you as my inspiration. I found a nice skirt for work! Keep up the great work hun 🙂
    Love you!!

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