Living the High Life

A few weeks ago The High Life Suite had a beauty giveaway and I decided to participate on the very last day before the contest was closed. Readers were instructed to leave a comment sharing your favorite beauty tip of all time, follow their twitter page (@HighLifeSuite) and stay tuned for the winner to be announced. I did as I was told and guess what?

I WON!!!

I know you’re all wondering what I won so here it goes:

  • Vaseline total moisture cocoa radiant body oil gel
  • A 5oz bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock
  • two(2) lipsticks from our fav G.L.A.S.S. Kisses Cosmetics
  • two(2) nail polishes from Polish & Co.

I first have to tell you that my prize came in a lightweight wooden box with a purple bow AND the picture on the front of the box is the same picture on their site! How nifty is that?! Very smart thing to do when you’re building a brand and I can use use my box as storage.  I’m quite the sucker for nice packaging & they’re off to a good start. I have products in it at this very moment.

Okay back to the matter at hand. G.L.A.S.S.(Glam Lips Adding Signature Style to Society) Kisses Cosmetics is a fresh new line. According to The High Life Suite, “they aim to represent the essence of true beauty in every woman. Their goal is to ensure and promote confidence and empower women through their unique products.”

The two lip gloss colors I received were Daring which is a deep but bold red/burgundy and Dream Chaser which is a slightly shimmery pink. Both glosses were extremely rich in color and both colors slid on oh so right. I’m a fan!

I received the colors Shi-Krazy, a dark turquoise blue and Too Much Info, a coral pink from Polish & Co. Now for those of you that know me, I rarely paint my nails. As a matter of fact I only own four colors. I thank God that my actual nails are nice but as with many people nail polish doesn’t stay on very long and I hate chipped polish leaving me with two options, paint them & stay consistent with top coats applications during the week or leave them paint free. For the most part paint free wins but I digress. My prize polishes were not thick but they popped and I can like that. I’m probably the wrong person to review polish.

I look forward to trying the sunblock, especially because I recently read about how important it is for people to protect their skin. Did I already know about the hazards of the sun? Sure but like most people of color I didn’t feel it was necessary. I’m going to change all of that. Hope you all do the same if you haven’t been on point with skin protection.

The High Life Suite is a fresh and modern blog about fashion, food, beauty and everything in between.  G and Dyanna, the two incredible young ladies who own the blog, do a great job staying consistent and putting forth their best. Not only do I faithfully check the site every wednesday for wedding and love posts but I’m right there reading whenever they check out a restaurant, food truck, or post anything about food in the DMV area. I loooove food! Their reviews are honest and that is definitely commendable in today’s world. I know some people get paid to blog about products in a positive light but I’m led to believe that even if these ladies did get paid, they’d still be upfront with we the people us, their readers.  Click the link for their site on the right of my blog and you can check their site out for yourself. Live the high life!!

Huge thanks to The High Life for my fun-filled prize! Keep up the great work. You ladies rock!


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