Split Hues

It’s Friday!!! I hope you all have something planned this weekend. I have a busy Saturday but I’m looking forward to having some down time on Sunday to work on accessories. Last weekend I was out and about in the heat that was FedEx-ed straight from hell but I had a great time.

Pic 1: ‘The Blues’ Pic 2: ‘Sunflower Power’

Picture number two was taken at an outdoor festival in Baltimore. I arrived just in time to watch the Elle Varner aka “The Refill Girl” if you ask a friend of mine. I’m surprised she could even hold a note out there in that heat. I look rather nice for a person with sweat sliding down her leg huh? Yuck you say? Yea, I know. My inspiration was this image in my head of a hippie traveler lost in a field of high grass and wild animals. I was rushing that morning so I didn’t quite pull off what I had in mind but that’s life.  I made the head-piece myself with an elastic band and a flower I bought from the Michaels. The lightweight white eyelet top is one that I bought last year at the H&M in New York and that day was my very first time wearing it. It’s tucked into a green tiered skirt that was thrift and the chocolate-brown belt is from Forever 21. My leopard wedges are by Steve Madden but they were a ‘last pair’ on the clearance rack at Marshalls. $29 buckaroos! Not considered a steal by some but Steve’s shoes are not cheap in my opinion & sometimes they don’t act right. I remember seeing J.Lo in the Manolo Blahnik boots in her “Jenny From the Block” video…

ringing any bells?

Yea, so I saw them and duh, I couldn’t afford them but when Steve Madden released replicas I was all over them. I bought one pair in an off white color I believe and I hadn’t even worn them 4x before my heel broke. The reason behind that still remains a mystery but I don’t recall purchasing any of his shoes after that. I didn’t work hard as a youngster to get those shoes for all that.

Moving on well backwards to picture number 1. That was Sunday and I was supposed to end up back at the festival to watch Salt N Pepa and some other old school acts. I was ready to sing, rap, and dance when I kept hearing it was going to storm. I waited and waited and no storm til the following morning. If you knew how much I was looking forward to that show then you know I had the blues and not the good macaroni and cheese  type of thing either. I was so blue that I didn’t even care to fix my collar before the picture was taken. The pants, top, and leopard bracelet are both from Forever 21. My lace up gladiator type brown wedges are from Bakers. I waited til they went on sale either last summer or the summer before last. The purple bracelet and beaded string of different purple and blue necklaces are both from Hers & Mine… that’s H&M for all you reading.  The bag was on sale at Aldo for $21 not too long ago and lastly my friend’s sister made the  leopard bow in my hair.

I met Ms. Treasure Moore at the festival and loved her how the bow in her hair made her hair color and cut stand out. Her outfit was just a little edgy mixed with preppy and it was comfortable which is the best way to be when your outdoors all day. I was trying to take the picture with the flash and lighting just right and the only picture that came out anywhere close to right was this one. Unfortunately her cute flats are not in the picture but peep how she DEFINESchic below.


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