What to Wear While Thrifting

Planning to spend a day thrifting? Make sure you take your outfit into consideration. The last thing you want to do is spend more time undressing and getting dressed again than actually making your way through the store. 

My ideal outfit for thrifting?

Layers is the way to go when thrifting. Dark leggings and a dark tank top work perfectly for me. In case I run into a store that doesn’t have a dressing room I can slide things over my tank top and leggings because they aren’t bulky & they hug my frame just right. It’s easier for me to gauge what fits this way and I’m not standing in the middle of someone’s aisle taking it all off! The other thing I do is wear comfortable flats that my feet can slide in & out off. The last thing you want to be worried about is tying laces or buckling straps. Grab a bag you can throw over your shoulder and requires little manipulation so you can quickly make your purchase and keep things moving. Why the long cardy? I may be tiny but I don’t really care to have my tushie bum just poking out so a long cardigan keeps me covered. It’s modest and it keeps a line drawn between potential exercise gear and ‘hey, I actually put some thought into this ok?’.

Avoid wearing too much jewelry at all costs because I’d hate for you to lose something in the shuffle. I normally wear studded earrings. Nothing get’s snagged and it allows for a quick change. I’m known for bringing a nice necklace along  just to see how dressed up certain things may look with one and I love color so since my basic attire is dark and solid, I can incorporate color in my bag & shoes. In the winter, be sure to bring an additional shopping bag for your coat. When I was little I could get my mother to carry my coat but I’m older now and she’s not going to do it anymore so the shopping bag gets it out of my way.

When I went to Philly in the last blog I didn’t apply any of my rules because I hadn’t really put much thought into the trip.

Here’s what I wore…

Forever 21 everything!


I was unhooking my necklace and getting my earrings caught on everything. The sandals were fine but everything else was really a no-go. My shorts had to stay because it was hot out there boy but the vest & that shirt?!!! Biker shorts under a light skirt would and a nice t-shirt would have been better. Even a plain dress would have made my dressing room trials less challenging. Less is better.


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