Spur of the Moment

Sometimes I jump up and do things. No planning, no nothing, just do and last weekend was no exception. I was trying to find something to wear to this fashion show but the power outage had already done  it’s damage & the show had to be canceled. So 2 something in the afternoon I hopped in my car and sped to Philly to check out the consignment  & thrift shops! I parked on 5th South Street and explored everything close in proximity until my meter ran out.

I had one specific store in mind when I accidentally stumbled upon…


Consignment shopping is known to be more pricy than thrifting but that is because the seller had to buy it from the owner so of course both parties want to make sure they get their monies worth. Thrift stores are comprised of items that people voluntarily give away. They have no physical possession, no legal title, and make no money from the items. They can be dirt cheap because the seller isn’t looking to exceed the amount they spent to purchase the goods, they didn’t spend a dime! You’ll find more quality pieces at consignment shops because the owners of those items try to get a fair price for them and who can blame them?

Anywho, Green Street Consignment was zest fully clean! I like when I can walk into a store and it’s aesthetically pleasing and shop-able. They have 7 locations total with 5 being in Pennsylvania and the remaining two in New Jersey. Click on the picture to be taken to their website for any further information. Overall, I enjoyed perusing the racks and looking for treasures I could take home. Check out the pictures in the gallery below.

Some of the pieces of jewelry were really nice but I couldn’t bring myself to pay for them although they may have been about the same price had I found them at a mall vendor. At least they would have been new though, right? I don’t know. There might have been a pair of earrings that I was going to follow through with to meet my quota but I didn’t go for it. What did I buy?

These olive corduroy pants by Juicy Couture…


I think I have one pair of brown corduroy pants and I can’t say I ever planned on purchasing more but these fit my tushie bum so well & I loved the rich color! I’m sure you’ll see me in them again this fall or winter. They were a ‘trend’ in 2010 I believe but I don’t think they ever leave a person’s wardrobe unless they can no longer fit them.

I also purchased this mint/pistachio green mid-length circle skirt by American Apparel…


Believe it or not I almost left this because as small as I am, it’s actually rather tight at the waist! I doubt I’ll be tucking anything into the band because nothing else can fit. I had to have it and not that I need to but if I do a few crunches or something I should be able to work out that kink.

I tried on this dress while I was in there, just because…

Lastly there was this chartreuse dress that appeared to stop just above the knee. It was by J. Crew in a size 10 for either $20 something or $40 something dollars that I loved. If I were that size this probably would have been it for me. I wish I had a size 10 friend with me at that moment to try it on so I could have seen how it looked. My picture doesn’t do it justice.


A few other shops I checked out just a few blocks away were:

  • Philly AIDS Thrift: A true thrift store. I’ll create a new post for this soon.
  • Bella Boutique: Specializes in high end designs. Hit or miss depending on your style and price range. No clothes for guys.

527 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147

  • Retrospect: Vintage clothing and accessories for guys and gals. This shop was my last stop so I was rushing to look around before the time on my meter expired. I didn’t get any pics but I liked the store a lot. There was this faux leather magenta knee length skirt I wanted to bring home so badly! This store had furs, coats, dresses, skirts, everything! Perfect place if you were a stylist or playwright trying to secure costumes for your actors.

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