I hope you all had a fabulous and grand 4th of July!! I know cook outs and parties were taking place all day and if you’re like me then you looked forward to incorporating the colors into your wardrobe before you stepped out the house. Patriotic and free is the way to be, right? Now I don’t own a lot of red but I managed to pull it all together. The top is one I’ve had for years and it’s from Forever 21. I know stripes are what most people think of when it comes to red, white, and blue, probably because of the flag but I chose dots. I’m not a huge fan of stripes. I wore white pants and later in the day switched to khaki shorts due because of the heat. The loafer wedges are from Nordstrom but they were not the favorite of the day.  The two red pieces, the small cross body messenger type bag and the anchor earrings stole the show. The bag is from the closest of my best friend’s grandmother and the earrings are from Forever 21.

I had other ideas in mind for the holiday and not much time to rummage through my things to put them together but below you can check out what visions were running around up there.

Fairly simple look right?

I was invited to a day party and knew a dress would be the way to go but I was rushing and couldn’t gather piece I needed but this is what I was going for…

Nothing says rebel like studs and metal…


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