Jam Doesn’t Shake Like This

Jelly shoes have been around since the 80’s I believe and almost everyone had a pair. I had flats and a pair with a heel when I was younger.  I used to wear them to the pool all of the time until the chlorine helped them to turn a yellowish green color.  The trend of the jelly shoe comes and goes but in the past couple of springs & summers, they’ve managed to put their foot down and keep it there.  Hahaha *clears throat* Ahem. Once again, they are back this year but the dislike toward them continues and I can somewhat understand why. Honestly my only issue is with people not keeping them clean. I’ve been out to festivals and just enjoying my day life when I stumble upon someone with clear dingy jellies. It doesn’t take much to substitue an old shirt as a rag and wipe your shoes down ya know? Or maybe it does, I don’t know. I don’t own a pair but with the new styles I’ve been seeing,  I just may make a purchase.

 It wasn’t until I ran into Stefanie K. at a close friend’s cookout that I persuaded to grab a pair of jellies for myself. Her casual but fun look was accented by her Steven by Steve Madden flats. They ‘POPPED’ and I loved it.

Below are a few styles that I found on my quest to add a pair to my closet.

J. Crew

Tory Burch


Sergio Rossi


Michael Kors


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