It’s All In How You Wear It

Ok, I’ve been getting alot of questions about scarfs and how I wear them so to help out every and anyone who wants to join in on the fun here’s a bit of help. Remember, anyone can wear a scarf but it’s all in how you choose to wear it that defines the look. I wear scarves on bad hair days, good hair days, rainy days, hot days, and whenever it suits my look of the day. The trick on bad hair days is not to make it look like you’re having that kind of day. I’ve purchased scarves from everywhere but the best place to get one is the thrift store. Even if you don’t find a scarf in the store you happen to pop into, look at skirts and shirts for patterns and fabrics you like and then make your own!

Styling a scarf is all about experimentation. Don’t be scared to twist it or cover your entire head if you’d like, as long as you love it then people will love it on you don’t quote me on that. There is a blog I like called, “Around the Way Curls” and they have a few posts incorporating scarves that might help you. I’ve been told I resemble Lucy from “I Love Lucy” more than a few times depending on how I choose to wear my scarf and if you’re looking to get a similar look,

perhaps something like this…

then click the picture above and it will take you straight to the blog where you can learn to style your hair the same way. If you go to styles at the top of their page and scroll down you will see a few more styles incorporating the use of scarves. The use of hair scarves is nothing new but as with everything trends come and go so it’s no surprise to me that they are popular these days. If you do decide to make your own or even if you’d just like to showcase a style please come back and share it with us here at DEFINEchic! We’d love to share what you come up with 🙂


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