Quick Stop

One sunny Monday I sat at my desk eager to get off. Once the day ended I needed a boost & since I’m on a budget, shopping at the mall is often out of the question, but where can I go to get the same exhilarating feeling? Consignment & thrift stores!!!

This particular Monday I rushed out of work to drive out to Olivia’s Shop in Bel Air, MD. Olivia’s is a beautifully decorated and homey consignment shop with bright colors & merchandise that is sure to keep your attention.

This shop reminds me of an attic full of your grandmother’s things except they’re fresh & trendy. There is a huge selection of Coach, Dooney & Burke, and Brighton Vera Bradley Bags. Handmade pillows, curtains, baskets, and other home decor are found throughout the store & every piece is for sale.

The owners are extreme friendly and provide great customer service. The thing I loved the most was that they wrapped my purchase in zebra tissue paper & stuck it in a zebra shopping bag! How cute is that?!


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